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Logi-technic renews evaluation interviews

Oct 2019
The classic evaluation interview has been under pressure for quite some time now. Also at Logi-technic, the HR team worked together with the employees to review the process. The organisation is evolving towards a continuous feedback culture, in which interim discussions are seen as 'professional quality time'.

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Logi-technic raises a lot of money for the benefit of the fight against ALS

Oct 2019 
Logi-technic, a company in technical outsourcing with a branch in Vilvoorde, raised 18,368.80 euros for the benefit of the fight against ALS muscular disease. With a sponsored participation in the Death Ride, the raffle of 20 Tomorrowland tickets during the company party and contributions from individuals, suppliers, customers and the self-employed, Logi-technic managed to raise 18,368.80 euros for the benefit of the fight against the ALS muscular disease.

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Preventive fleet inspections for glass and bodywork

Aug 2019 
"There are a lot of employees here to follow refresher courses on safety: at work, in traffic, first aid,... At the same time, we have our tools and vehicles inspected for safety points. We pay sincere attention to the safety of our staff".
Our Managing Director Karel Staelens and Procurement and Logistics Manager Katrien Vanrobaeys tell us more about how Carglass assists us in optimizing the road safety of our employees. More on pages 12 and 13.

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Attention to 'moments that matter'

July 2019 
"A positive employee journey ensures happy employees and that in turn leads to a higher level of commitment and better company performance". Our Chief Happiness Officer Els Rijckaert explains in HR Magazine how at Logi-technic we place our employees at the centre of all tools and processes!

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150 new vacancies at
'Great Place To Work' Logi-technic

March 2019
Logi-technic - active for 20 years in outsourcing technical talent - was officially recognised as Great Place To Work on Tuesday. "Ever since we were founded, we've done everything we can every day to put our employees first. The fact that this is now also recognised externally is the icing on the cake for us," says Managing Director Karel Staelens. The company will soon launch a recruitment campaign together with its 550 employees. "By the end of 2019 we want to grow to around 700 people.

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This makes a good technician,
according to the technicians themselves

September 2018 
Technicians: there's a mass shortage, and companies are begging on their bare knees for more, more, more. But being a technician does require a little more than technical knowledge through the right study alone. In order to sketch a picture of the ideal technician today, we consulted the craftsmen themselves.

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Logi-Technic expands with forty technicians

18 May 2018
The HR services company Logi-Technic, which specialises in the outsourcing of technical workers, is looking for forty or so technically skilled workers. "The reason is the growth of our activities in Limburg," says Thomas Vandevelde. Logi-Technic is a subsidiary of the West Flemish House of HR.

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Z-Impact (6) : Outsourcing

18 April 2018
Logi-technic is active in the field of technical outsourcing: it deploys experienced technicians, electricians and mechanics for various assignments and projects at other companies. The current company is a merger of Logitechnic and Bekaert Technics, two former competitors that were part of the House of HR.

Innovating to develop technical talent

The fact that the supply of "technical talent" on the labour market today is insufficient to meet the high demand will no longer surprise anyone. Many companies have to look for smart alternative solutions in order not to jeopardize their production or business process. Logi-technic, a member company of Agoria, responds innovatively to this challenge.

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