Safety first

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At Logi-technic, our employees are at the forefront of everything we undertake. We do this because our raison d’être and growth are entirely dependent on the commitment and quality of our employees. Logi-technic provides technical services to its clients, and there’d be no Logi-technic without its employees!

This is why we think it’s part of our job to do everything to make sure our employees feel happy and valued at Logi-technic.  

A logical outcome of this striving for happiness at work is that prevention and safety are hard-wired into Logi-technic’s DNA. Our entire organisation makes sure that our technicians are always able to fulfil their assignments at our clients in a safe and ergonomically comfortable manner.  We always provide them with the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the necessary tools and the right instructions for carrying out the contract safely and to a high quality standard. And Logi-technic naturally carries out regular workplace inspections, in which we provide advice and assistance that helps our technicians to carry out their tasks safely.

Prevention and safety is an everyday task!! #herhalingwerkt. 

We make sure first of all that safety is top-of-mind through our frequent workplace inspections and toolboxes. Secondly, we make our employees aware of workplace risks by making sure that work instructions and LMRAss can be consulted on mobile devices via our own safety app.

When you talk about prevention and safety, you're also talking about education and training. From our Logi-technic Academy we not only provide technical education, but also make sure that all our employees have the right training and qualifications to complete projects safely and to a high quality standard.
We therefore provide the following safety training courses: 

  • SCC
  • BA4/BA5
  • forklift truck
  • rotating bridge
  • elevated platform. 

 But it doesn’t stop there, because in order to underline the importance of the subject of safety to Logi-technic, each year we organise no fewer than 10 Safety Days on which we collaborate interactively and exchange ideas on one or more safety and/or prevention themes.