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Johan Gitsels established Logi-technic, the Belgian pioneer of technical outsourcing at that time, in April 1999.  From the very beginning, Johan’s vision was clear: technicians at your service, and in a business model where employees’ growth and personal development is key. 

Today, 20 years on, Logi-technic’s formula remains unchanged.  What’s more, in today’s digital era our personal approach in which the employee is key is more successful than ever.  What started in 1999 with 1 technician has since expanded to over 550 colleagues where the family atmosphere is still key.  Much copied, never matched!

Growing together

Logi-technic is a people business: a business run by and for its employees. We’re fully aware that our employees are our most important asset in delivering the excellent services that help us grow and achieve success as a business. 

Logi-technic is continuing to grow, and through this ‘Sustainable Career Policy’ ESF project, we’re seeking to support that growth. This initiative will help us further develop a strategic HR policy, so that our employees continue to feel recognised and valued throughout their career, and so that we can continue to offer them a broad range of transparent future prospects. We’re doing so through projects focusing on our skills policy, job content, leadership, career policy, and onboarding programme. 

If you’d like to know more, our blog has all the information you need.